Patagonia fly fishing Season & Weather

When is the best time to come? Patagonia always offers good water, great fly fishing and we will take you there!

Fly fishing season in Patagonia is all year around in MorenoLake. Season in PatagonianNational Parks and Province runs from November 1st through the end of May. Every season a new regulation is released by our government and the National Park authorities.

Spring time - November & December. Almost all fishermen look forward to fly fishing in Bariloche during spring time. The ice, snow and cold of winter are starting to disappear and days are getting longer. At this time is also when rainbow trout just finish spawning and trout’s feed heavily to replenish their energy after a long winter. These can be productive for those searching for sheer numbers and because the fish have not yet been pressured. Your fly fishing guide in Bariloche will enjoy with you the water clarity during all seasons because isn’t an issue in the Bariloche fly fishing area since almost all of the rivers flow out of the lakes. Temperatures will range from 30F to 75F

Summer time – January & February. This is prime time for fly fishing in Bariloche and best for dry fly fishing. Hopper and terrestrial action picks up on, in most rivers in the area. We mostly wade and float over 350 miles of great Bariloche and Junin de los Andes trout water. This is shorts and sandal season, warm summer afternoon lunches along the river. Of course waders are always welcome in some cloudy days. Is a great time for the expert or complete novice. Temperatures will range from 45F to 85F.

Fall - March, April & May. The weather and scenery during the late season provide for some of the most pleasant days on the water and the fishing can be a little more challenging, but you fly fishing guide in Bariloche will take care of that. The water is generally low and a little colder than normal. But this is the time of year when Big Brown trout’s begin spawning movement in the rivers and this is for sure… your best chance for a trophy of a life time. Also at this time of the year is great for fall colors, comfortable temps… big flies and big fish minus the busy nature of the summer months. Temperatures can range from 30F to 75F.

As every trout fisherman knows, each season offers something distinct and special from the others!

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