Manso River, fishing in Patagonia

In the majestic natural environment of Argentine Patagonia, Outfitters Patagonia is proud to present its exclusive Manso River service, fishing in Patagonia. With an established reputation, our team of expert guides and the pristine beauty of the region make your fishing experience unforgettable.

Manso River, fishing in Patagonia

Outfitters Patagonia: More than a fishing adventure


On our website we invite you to explore the specialized fishing services in the Manso River. This crystalline river, fed by melting mountain snow, offers a unique diversity of trout and salmon species in an exciting natural environment.


Our fishing programs are designed to suit all levels, from beginners to expert anglers. Local guides, knowledgeable about every bend in the river, will take you to the best places to make memorable catches.


At Outfitters Patagonia, our mission goes beyond providing an exceptional fishing experience. We strive to offer a comprehensive service that ranges from trip planning to the comfort of your stay.


For those looking for a complete experience, we offer customized packages. Patagonia is not just a fishing destination, it is a journey towards connecting with nature in its purest state.


Make your fishing trip an extraordinary experience with Outfitters Patagonia on the Manso River. Book your unique adventure today in Argentine Patagonia, where fishing combines with natural beauty to create lasting memories.