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Nothing better like a beautiful time fly fishing in Bariloche, Argentina. In this note, we´ll talk about Limay River.


For an ideal relaxing-funny excursion for a day or half day fly fishing in Bariloche, nothing better like floating for Limay River, in Mapuche language, it means "crystal clear water". From March to November, large specimens live in these waters. In this river it is possible to see the stones at the bottom. It has pools of 8 meters deep. 

The Limay River is born at the eastern end of Lake Nahuel Huapi and winds its way around 500 km in a northeast direction, adding tributaries such as the Traful, Pichileufú, Collón Curá and Picún Leufú rivers. It has very little unevenness and the float is pleasant and smooth. It is located in a transition zone between the Andean forest and the Patagonian steppe, it has places of incomparable beauty such as the "twin stones" and "the amphitheater". Fly fishing in Limay River is a pleasure for the senses.

What types of large fish can we find in the Limay River? well, you can find rainbow trout, brook trout, brown trout and landlocked salmon.  The best fly fishing in Bariloche.

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