Fly Fishing Adventures in Bariloche

In this note we will be talking about different Fly Fishing Adventures in Bariloche, Patagonia Argentina.

Fly Fishing Adventures in Bariloche


In the south of Argentina exists a city named Bariloche in the Province of Río Negro. This city is next of the mountain range of Los Andes. The ice rivers run down to the valley till deep lakes, ideals to practice fly fishing. Here is the lake Nahuel Huapi noted for its depth (464 Mts.) and its eight arms or ramifications. Is also known by its legend about a river monster, called "Nahuelito". About fly fishing in Bariloche, we must mention the possibbility to find six different salmonid species of great bearing. 

Fly fishing in Bariloche is attractive from many points of view: Camping and trekking on the islands or shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi, floating in its rivers, sailing on the lake, fly fishing for trophy trout and the company of a very friendly, specialized in having fun trips. All this things make a difference about fly fishing in Bariloche. 

Oufitters Patagonia works for giving to each tourist, the best experience. We designed every trip according to your needs. No matter if you are expert or is your first time fly fishing. We have a plan specially designed for every case.

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