Dorado Destination!

Be one of the few people in the world to catch a Dorado on a fly rod!

The Dorado, also called “Tigre de los rios” (River Tiger) by the locals behaves like any other predatory fresh water fish. They hide in medium to fast water waiting for their prey to come while in the river. It has an extremely powerful jaw, with fearful teeth to destroy its catch, and boasts a muscular body.

It is characterized for brutally taking artificial baits, jumping like a Tarpon, and bullishly running without giving up. They typically range in size from 5 to 12 pounds, and 15 pounders plus are not uncommon. We might also catch Tarariras, Chafalote (Payara-like fish) and Piranha while casting for Dorado.

A typical day is like most great fishing destinations in Argentina. We will wade or float the Parana and Corrientes rivers all day long looking for the best spots and we will treat you with “Asados” (Argentinean barbecues) or home made meals on the banks of these wonderful rivers. Then back to the comfort of the lodge and a fine dinner to end your day.

Note: We recommend to combine a couple days of Dorado fishing with Trout fishing, Expedition in Patagonia.

Location & Fishing Information. One advantage to travel with us is that if the conditions change, we can move to another location for better fishing. We will fish around Esquina, La Paz or Goya area. All lodging options are family owned and operated. We also have private ranches that allow us private access to the rivers on the ranch. Corrientes Province is located 250 miles north of Buenos Aires city and can be reached by private van, charter flight or commercial flight.

Fishing season runs all year around, except beginning of November through December 15 in some specific areas.

Fishing is done with 7, 8, or 9 weight rods. A rod of this size makes casting the traditionally large flies easier, or for turning a big fish out of a weed-bank. A quality reel is important with a good drag, Dorado are known for their explosive runs. Dorado are fished using floating and sinking line and very large streamers, also take surface flies as Bombers and Poppers.

After booking a trip we will send you a comprehensive information pack and a checklist, to be sure you arrive with everything you will really need.

Scenery & Wildlife. Whether you are an avid fisherman or a non-angler it is also a great place to just relax in a hammock and enjoy this seldom-visited special location know as the “Mesopotamia” region of Argentina. We will also share this beautiful landscape with herons, storks, kingfishers, chajas, parrots, eagles, ducks and pigeons flying around palm trees and native vegetation. As a bonus we might encounter the biggest rodent in the world, the "carpincho" or capibara, alligators, ñandu (wild ostrich) and herds of water buffaloes.

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This is not only a fishing trip… it is also a nature trip into an area of particular beauty far from the rest of the world!

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