Bariloche fishing

Outfitters Patagonia invites you to explore the exciting adventure of Bariloche Fishing, a unique experience in the majestic lakes of Bariloche, Argentina. With a wide range of services and expert guides, this company offers you the opportunity to enjoy sport fishing in an incomparable natural environment.

Bariloche fishing

Live a Unique Fishing Experience in the Lakes of Bariloche


Bariloche is famous for its impressive lakes with crystal clear waters and mountainous landscapes, creating the perfect setting for fishing lovers. With Outfitters Patagonia, you can embark on exciting fishing excursions on lakes Nahuel Huapi, Fonck and Hess, where rainbow and brown trout are waiting to challenge you.


Bariloche Fishing services from Outfitters Patagonia include high-quality fishing equipment, safe and comfortable boats, and local guides knowledgeable about the best fishing spots on the lakes. Additionally, the company takes care of all the logistical details, allowing you to focus on enjoying the fishing and the natural beauty that surrounds you.


Whether you are an experienced fisherman or just starting out in this exciting sport, Bariloche offers options for all levels. From exciting full-day fishing trips to relaxed days of kayak fishing, there is an experience designed to suit your preferences and abilities.


Discover the excitement of Bariloche Fishing with Outfitters Patagonia and immerse yourself in the beauty of the lakes of Bariloche while enjoying unforgettable fishing. With personalized services, quality attention and the guarantee of a unique experience, this is your opportunity to experience sport fishing at its maximum splendor in the heart of Argentine Patagonia.