Alumine River

Alumine River

The Fish and Location: In the north part of Neuquen Province the Alumine is a long river whose headwaters begin in the Alumine Lake and runs for nearly 95 miles to join the Chimehuin River, at which point the merged rivers become the Collon Cura River. What surprises in this river is the average size of its trout 2-3 pounds and the almost continuous action for the entire length of the river

The River: Alumine River is one of the longest rivers in Patagonia that is fishable for its entire length. This is a perfect river for a week long float Expedition and will allow you to fish about 60 miles of the upper reaches of this interesting river. These float trips are great fun and we provide the best equipment and camping accommodations on this river journey. Floating down the upper section will take you through dry steppe land, high canyon walls, and willow lined banks of the river that often hold sipping trout.

Usually we will find a good number of rainbows surface feeding in huge back eddies that won't hesitate to raise to a small Parachute Adams or a big Chernovyl Ant. If the inch worms are falling from the willows or the minnows are moving in the shallows fishing can turn crazy caching from 20 to 40 trout during a full float, which happens frequently!

Water structure is perfect to be fished from the raft but also has ideal wading spots at some big runs and riffles. Fishing the runs of the Alumine often produce “hot” rainbows that will quickly put you in your backing. Both beginners and experts will enjoy this program and depending on the time of the season and water level, we will fish dries, nymphs and streamers. This incredible river is better fished after spring runoff when lower and clearer waters allow for easy wading and casting to numerous rainbows and browns.

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